Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1992 with the ambition to create colourful, creative home decorations and gifts to cheer up everyday live at home, &Klevering alternates modern items with classical pieces and give them all a fresh new look. They add a fun aspect to their designs which are known for their bursts of colours and playful, on trend patterns. They are mostly inspired by nature and fashion which are blend into their collections. Their vision is to create statement pieces for your home with their own caracteristic colourful wink.

Carafe Lemon Twig


Blue Tortoise Jug


Set of 4 Plates Lemon Twig


Set of 4 Plates Lemon Moroccan


Blue Tortoise Tumblers


Martini Curly Pink Set of 2


Martini Curly Clear Set of 2


Set of 2 Pink Champagne Coupe


Small Imperfect Gold Plate


Medium Imperfect Gold Plate


Large Imperfect Gold Plate


Green Watering Can


Green Tortoise Jug


Green Tortoise Tumbler


Cushion Stripe Blue


Vase Fuse


Vase Wave


Photo Frame Check Square Orange


Basket Twist Mint


Basket Twist Pink


Plate Lemon Full Colour


Watering Can Loop Yellow


Cushion Stripe Pink


Cushion Stripe Yellow