Yellow Big Meze Plate-Serving
Yellow Big Meze Plate-Serving

    Yellow Big Meze Plate


    by Kapka

      Because the Yellow Big Meze Plate has been designed using a unique infusion technique and only natural paints pure of toxins, giving those vibrant colours to the Yellow Big Meze Plate. Ideal to cook your favourite veg and fish or to bake your favourite cake this plate will give a feel of the Middle-East to your feasts. This piece has been designed and handmade in Turkey by Kapka.

      This durable and resilient enamelware can be used both outside and indoors, and will withstand all everyday knocks and bumps. The colours will stay bright and vibrant forever, as they’ve been heated to 800°C during production. This piece has been handmade, therefore small irregularities may occur.
      L 21 x W 14 x H 3.7 cm
      CARE INSTRUCTIONS                   
      • Due to the gold edging, this product is hand wash only.
      • Detergents and stain removers may be quick and convenient, but over time they will reduce the luster and shine of your enamel pieces.
      • Can be put in the freezer or oven up to 250 °C without damaging the coating or design.
      • Perfect for induction cooker, gas or electric stove, in the oven or the bonfire• Heats up quickly and keeps warmth.
      • Keeps cold drinks and food cold. Tea, coffee, and some foods may stain the enamel but this is natural.
      • Never use in microwaves!
      • Do not touch when hot!
      • Never use steel wool or abrasive brushes to clean your enamelware. • Avoid using harsh chemicals.
      • Extreme temperature changes can cause damage so allow your product to return to room temperature first before heating, cooling, or washing.
      Credit card, debit card and Paypal
      Protect the environment, recycle and re-use
      Within 14 days

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