Mala Glass Vase


Brass Candlestick


Glass Vases 2-in-1


Glass Paperweight


Wall Mounted Candlestick


Amber and brown glass tray


Striped Plant Pot


Terracotta Candle Holder


Candy Candlesticks


Sommerso Glass Vase


Paradis Glass Vase


Paloma Glass Vase


Riviera Glass Vase


Crystal Candlesticks


Cha No Yu Lantern


Glass Vase


Glass Vase/Candlestick Holder


Glass Votive


Marble Candlestick


Marble Candlestick Holders


Marble Paperweights


Earthenware Jar


Esterel Glass Vase


Pink Templo Tray


Refresh your home for less. Our range of extraordinary home decorations will add a little colour and life to any room – from colourful ceramics, to timeless candle holders and extravagant vases. Transform your space into a green oasis with a few of our most popular planters and plant pots. Whether your style is modern, traditional or something else entirely, our curated selection is here to help you make the most of your home.