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We create curated collections of extraordinary home accessories and furniture, from candles to cushions, tables to throws and everything else in between. Every object you see here has been thoughtfully chosen because of their originality, elegance and quirkiness. We are thoughtful about the brands we share with you; considering creativity, exclusivity and sustainability with conscious materials and design, to add a dose of extraordinary everyday.

What we believe in

Growth and sustainability are at the very core of we understand that we can always do better, for our community and our environment: that is why we are constantly working towards a greener and fairer business model.

We are aware that excess of stock is an issue in the retail industries, that is why we are committed to controlling our stock levels in the most efficient way possible for a more responsible shopping experience. Making sure we are producing less waste wherever possible is, and always will be, our main focus. We buy everything in small quantities so your pieces remain extraordinary in line with our less waste policy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We reduce consumption where possible, anything we consume we consider. We reuse or repurpose any packaging materials that we receive from our suppliers. If we can't do any of the above, we recycle. All of our packaging is plant based. We don’t brand our boxes with toxic inks or plastic labels so you can give them a new life or recycle them with ease.

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